API integration courier and Cash on delivery service in dubai, UAE

Need is the mother of invention. When you want to succeed in business then you have to constantly reinvent yourself and devise new strategies which can generate revenue for you by tapping into new avenues and markets. There are so many startups mushrooming around and they have come up with really exciting ideas to enhance the customer experience through the effective use of ecommerce. But to connect the ecommerce to the customers an efficient delivery or logistics partner plays a pivotal role.
How Nehall makes your business more effective?
Nehall has been in the logistics industry from a long time and knows how the industry operates and how the business is done. They follow effective strategies and processes and have an efficient and well trained workforce to implement them. They make excellent use of technology and integrate it at every stage of business to improve the performance and reduce costs.
Cash On Delivery

Cash On Delivery Management


Customers widely prefer to pay cash on receiving order. However, the hassle of handling cash during delivery can create major disturbances to e-commerce progress. Nehall transparent COD service gurantees convenience and smooth transfer of exact cash on time to your business account.


When you offer cash on delivery services to the customer it gives a major boost to you orders and generate lot of sales for you. But it is very difficult to manage cash collection and then managing it on daily basis. Nehall has well trained staff who are experts in handling the cash and have a well managed system in place which can handle this task for you and collect and manage the cash for you.
API Integration

API Integration


E-commerce startups who handle their logistics manually are incurring high cost & losing competitive advantage. Nehall fleet solution integrates with e-commerce platform to speed up and smoothen delivery process. Furthermore, e-commerce and consumers can track delivery status live.


Ecommerce startups have come up with really exciting concepts of delivering products and services to the customers in the comfort of their home. These companies usually spend a lot of time and money in delivering these services, it is at this juncture that Nehall can play an important role and help you improve your business practices by implementing API integration.
API Integration means connecting your Ecommerce platform with Nehall’s driver app and synchronizing the order flow from one platform to another seamlessly. This helps in you having a better control over your logistics and you can track the status from delivery from your office till it is delivered to customer.
Petrol Service

Petrol service


You need not to worry about petrol high consumption, time wastage at stations, or payment hassle. We have it all covered at Nehall. We manage petrol efficiently to reduce shipment cost and guarantee full petrol before starting duty to avoid any distribution during delivery.





Although our professional drivers are educated to plan ahead and prepare for convenient and speedy delivery, we still consider the unexpected events such as bad weather conditions, recipients unavailable, or accidents to happen. Nehall delivery solution is equipped with easy accessible communication channels to tap into the obstacles and solve the problem immediately, be it with eCommerce or recipients.


Professional Drivers

Professional Drivers


In logistic and transport services, it is highly challenging to reach the optimal point of efficiency. Our coaches constantly educate, monitor, and evaluate drivers’ performance. Our professional drivers guarantee optimal efficiency and high customer satisfaction. They provide above standard customer interaction with utmost respect.


An efficient logistics company always operates at optimum level of efficiency. Our drivers trained to deliver the products quickly to the customer and also maintain high level of customer service. They are constantly trained, educated, monitored and evaluated to deliver the best performance.
All the above mentioned services help you in improving your business practices and save the time spent on logistics management and you can concentrate on discovering and implementing new business ideas.

Customer Dashboard


Sometimes ecommerce managers get overwhelmingly busy and forget to monitor their logistic employees’ performance. Now 24 hours from anywhere, you will be able to monitor and supervise your logistic department from a Nehall delivery solution dashboard. You can view COD statement, pending future delivery, delivered products, and more.


Nehall provides you a dashboard through which you can keep track of the parcels, their delivery status, cash on delivery statement and many more on your laptop. They collect cash on your behalf and then transfer it to your bank account every week. This dashboard allows you to monitor your logistics from anywhere at any time.