Package it properly to get higher sales 1

Dec 20, 2019

Potential of eCommerce packaging
In the world of eCommerce, the packaging is continuously evolving. 15 years back when eCommerce just started in UAE, online businesses where delivering products with the product original packaging barely even a colored box. They were mostly delivered in these yellowish crushed boxes. Later, parcels where put into boxes and bags with the company’s logo. However, today, Packaging is one of the most powerful marketing tools for eCommerce to wow customers, increase brand awareness, and increase sales.

Memorable moments with the right packaging
The packaging is a crucial part of the delivery strategy. eCommerce has to use its potential to develop and grow their business. Ecommerce companies have tackled some of their problems through their packaging. This includes making sure their first-time buyers experience a memorable order. Furthermore, giving the immediate incentive to purchase again or refer a friend to buy from them. Never expect a long term sales growth without putting the time on deciding your best package design for your customers.

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