Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce Delivery Strategy

Jan 1, 2020


Analyze customer convenience requirements for a delivery strategy
UAE is a dynamic market with many factors in place to know what convenience means to consumers. UAE population consists of many professional expats who routinely travel abroad. Their top concern is to receive orders as early as possible before their next flight. For the speed of delivery is important; and, your shipment strategy should consider speed of delivery as the highest priority. Furthermore, UAE has diverse work timings such as morning shifts for retailers, night shifts for securities, and scheduled duty for coaches. They prefer to receive their parcels at certain time of day. This translate into incorporating timeslot options for your delivery strategy.
Learn from delivery strategy of leading eCommerce in your market
Surely, UAE leading eCommerce competitors eg. Amazon, Noon has researched and tested many delivery strategies. They have experienced different stages from startup up to leading the market. For example, Amazon has recently initiated prime delivery. Prime delivery is monthly delivery subscription and it has fabulously attracted many customers to purchase more routinely. Similarly, you can initiate your monthly subscription delivery service for your loyal customers and get your sales shooting up.

Always provide the delivery status of their purchased orders at their fingertip
Many UAE Ecommerce have good delivery strategy; however, they do not have proper communication channels to update consumers of the parcel status. This can easily dissatisfy and anger the customer and levy heavy cost of losing loyal customers and destroying business reputation. Online shopping websites should develop convenient channels to update delivery status on a timely basis.


Never underestimate the value of delivery strategy
Courier services are an essential part of ecommerce business plan. Your business plan can never be complete without a successful delivery strategy. If you do not spend time to research and plan for a proper fleet solution, you will surely fail to establish your eCommerce in the market. Many successful online shopping websites revise their delivery strategy every 6 months to attract more sales.
Avoid low-quality delivery service which will hurt your sales growth
If you are not comfortable with developing the right delivery strategy, make sure you consult logistics professionals in Dubai, especially those who have a few years of managing the eCommerce delivery fleet. Otherwise, you will sit and cry for low sales. If you have started your eCommerce without having a delivery strategy in place, listen to what your customers comment on your delivery.
Do not promise your customer a time slot which you cannot fulfill
Some eCommerce falls into the trap of promising a time slot without being capable of fulfilling the delivery. You are falsely increasing customer’s expectation to grab the order but you are risking your future sales and reputation in unfulfilling the order. Whether same-day delivery or scheduled delivery, make sure your delivery team has a proper logistics infrastructure in place to fulfill the delivery to customers’ satisfaction.

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