Ecommerce courier in dubai, UAE, e-commerce logistic services in dubai, UAE

What products can you deliver?
As long as your parcels are non-perishable, non-hazardous, and within legal framework, our drivers will be happy to deliver your products. For example, fashion, toys, kitchenware, electronics, consumables, packaged foods, and more.

How fast will the orders reach our buyers?
The orders will reach buyers next-day. Depending on your business requirement, we can assist you in 1 or 2 slot delivery. For single slot delivery, the assigned driver will pick up orders in the morning and start his delivery journey until evening. For 2 slot delivery, driver will have his first delivery journey from morning to afternoon. And second delivery journey from afternoon to evening.

Do you provide per order basis service?
Our services are monthly based packages for unlimited delivery. We do not provide per order basis service.

How fast can you start delivery service?
After registration and payment, the delivery service will start in less than 3 working days. Ecommerce management have to officially introduce point of contact for accounting and store

What vehicles do you provide for eCommerce delivery?
We provide Toyota Avanza cargo car. It has large cargo space to cover all your daily deliveries. It will, further, be equipped with latest technology to deliver your products safely and on time.

How often do you transfer Cash on Delivery funds to our account?
We will transfer COD collected from buyers to eCommerce account on weekly basis. Every Sunday, we will send you previous week COD statement (From Saturday to Friday). Then we will transfer the amount on coming Tuesday. The minimum required amount to transfer the fund will be AED 1000. If the COD amount is less than AED 1000, the balance amount will be transferred to next week’s COD statement.

What areas do you cover?
We cover all areas within the emirate of Dubai.

What is API?
We use API to bridge between our driver app and the eCommerce platform. The process becomes automatic and prone to almost zero errors. Through API driver receives delivery information to deliver the order conveniently to buyer.

Will the driver have delivery app?
Our driver will get delivery information and delivery tools in an app. This will support drivers to successfully deliver the products. Furthermore, we will manage and supervise drivers to keep our standards high.