Nehall – Same day courier in dubai, UAE

Life is very fast these days and people try to save time in every possible manner and want to get everything on their finger tips. They order items online, buy medicines and even order food online or over the phone when hungry. This led to creation of many companies which have taken the responsibility to make people’s wishes reality. Nehall is their partner in delivering you happiness and that too on time and intact. Nehall is the premium company which specialises in delivery services and help businesses in connecting to the customer.
Nehall has been in this business for quite a long time and know nuances of logistics industry and the list of its clients is growing day by day. Some of the industries that Nehall is catering to are mentioned below:


Ecommerce businesses are widely automated by tech except delivery where human interaction is required to handle address, goods delivery, and customer returns. Nehall has taken a step further and streamlined all process into a solution which is now integral part of eCommerce and online shopping websites.
Ecommerce is new industry which is thriving a lot as it is automating all the processes and enabling the customers to order for various products and services from the comfort of their home. They have integrated the stores and restaurants with an app which help you to order items and food using a phone or laptop. Nehall works as a bridge between technology and customers by delivering the product and services and adds a human touch to it and create customer delight.

Retailers & Distributors


Our delivery solution has been valuable to retailers and distributors of fashion, consumer goods, cosmetics, protein supplements, electronics, printings, perfumes, stationery, Outdoor, Gardening, smoking accessories, toys, and medical equipment. Nehall Delivery Solution has opened up opportunities for 3rd generation business owners in UAE to upgrade their business and start capturing online market share. We will work with you side by side to develop your business further.
Retailer and distributors are an integral part of products and services supply chain, but it is Nehall which connect them together and with the manufacturers through their delivery solutions. Nehall picks up the products from manufactures and deliver them to distributors and retailers. They deal with a wide range of products which include fashion products, consumer goods, cosmetics, protein supplements, electronics, print, machinery, and smoking accessories, etc. Nehall gives these businesses an opportunity to expand their base and cover new territories and segments.



Many companies like to start small, we got you covered too. New innovative imported products, social media businesses, marketplace startups, and Fulfillment Centers are welcome to use our logistic services. We have Preliminary and basic plan to satisfy their budget and needs. We would be happy to provide free consultation on their delivery strategy.
When new entrepreneurs enter the business area they love to start small and slowly scale up their operations. Nehall plays an important role in helping them with the logistical solutions and streamlining their supply chain processes. Nehall offer the businesses like social media businesses, marketplace startups, fulfillment centres, etc their preliminary and basic plans which are cost effective for them. Nehall help them integrate their platforms with the driver app and provide them a dashboard where they can monitor and handles their logistics processes efficiently. It offers then cash management services so that they can also venture into new order segments also bag cash on delivery orders which will give a major boost to their sales.
Nehall is expanding its base very rapidly and tie up with various companies to cover the maximum territories and offer better services to its clients. It is offering last mile connect to all of its clients through its extensive network across Dubai and is spending fast to new locations in UAE as well. You as a business can always trust Nehall to fulfill and streamline all your logistics needs and work towards expanding your business towards new horizons.