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Nehall – Delivery service in dubai, UAE, Delivery company in Dubai, UAE

Nehall is one of the most innovative companies in the field of logistics in Dubai, UAE. It has created a niche place for itself in the logistics industry with its excellent services and logistical solutions. It is a perfect example of how the use of technology can revolutionize the logistics industry and help in the growth of ecommerce business and taking it to new heights. Lot of innovation is happening in service industry and they are inventing new services which can be provided to the customers in the comforts of home. It can be implemented only through an efficient delivery partner.


We are aiming to become one of the leading delivery services who support “everything to follow people”and spur love and happiness in society.

Nehall is aiming to become one of the leading delivery services who support “everything to follow people” and spur love and happiness in society.
Nehall is an expert in the field of logistics and have been in this business for a long time and knows the nuances of this industry. They have a very good penetration of the market and have tie ups with many top notch companies. Let us now look at the services provided by Nehall to its partners in ecommerce industry.


Nehall will provide bike and car delivery service for online food order solutions and ecommerce startups all around UAE.

Nehall Story

I’m economically fit and able to manage a normal life. However, many times I’m still bored and depressed in my life. I mean, I know world has become highly integrated, but for so long I haven’t been able to go out with my friends. From the moment we wake up, we are focused on what satisfies ourselves; and, we are not concerned about others. A life which not only becomes boring, but the results are not promising too.

As I was walking down a green and flowery hill at 7 am, something revolutionized my emotions and my brain was lighted. It was honey beehive. I love honey and I was so happy to see them making honey for me. And it wasn’t just honey, they help all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers grow. That’s the secret. Bees passionately work to support the nature. No wonder why our society is bored, it’s because we don’t want to give. We have become self-centered people. To make myself and society happy it’s time to support others and spread love.

Nehall follows the example of a honey bee that loves honey and works hard to make honey for the animals and humans as well. A honey bee also plays an important role in the growth of other fruits, flowers and vegetable. Nehall wants to grow like honey bee making efforts to grow and also helping other companies grow along with it and serving happiness to the customers.


Our fleet of bikers are trained to work passionately, provide quality delivery, and spread happiness. They have gained cultural awareness to deal with different culture and backgrounds.

Nehall has a highly efficient workforce which includes well trained drivers who work passionately to provide quality delivery and spread happiness in the society. They are culturally aware and give equal respect to all cultures and know how to deal with them.